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Kwesi Amebley Process mineralogy Obuasi
Draba Bakary Modelling of SABC circuits
Amos Baloyi Mechanistic modelling of rising en masse flows in tumbling mills
Matthias Brodner Quantifying ore breakage
Apollonia Charamba Water quality effects on flotation
Motsi Chele Kimberlite crushing
Crosby Chongo SAG mill modelling
Lucian Cloete Ball mill modelling - BMM circuit
Mathew Dzingai Considering the influence of water quality on the flotation of a sulphide ore
Yolande Fourie Coarse particle float - Los Bronces
Yashien Hanuman Transport (rheology) in ball milling
Herbert Hill An investigation into the effect of mineralogy and texture on ore breakage
Dineo Mashaba Geomet, XCT and hyperspectral imaging
Edward Mavhungu Flotation and mineral liberation
Gerald Mbele Characterizing slurry rheology effects and mill operational parameters on slurry transport phenomena in a laboratory scale tumbling mill
Fortune Mdluli  
Andrea Molifie Flotation strategies for oxidised PGE ores
Keith Mutambirwa Investigating the reverse flotation of hematite in three different types of laboratory flotation cells (Mechanical, Pneumatic and Oscillating Grid)
Nolihle Ndamase Considering the action of degrading water quality on the electrochemical response of sulphide minerals
DJ Nthau Chromite recovery on PGE-rich chrome tailings plant

Simba Nyakunuhwa

Assessing the flotation response of a complex ore comminuted using compression mechanisms
Dandre Pienaar Synergistic behaviour of flotation reagents at interfaces
Emily Schuiling  Investigating the fine milling of pigments in a colourant formulation on the PML2 Superflow mill
Tanaka Tafirenyika Grinding chemistry effects on flotation
Sarah Tetlow Considering the effect of frother under degrading water quality
Lawrence Relebohile Tseka  Effect of grinding chemistry on flotation performance of sulphide minerals and gangue
Adri Uys Influence of lifter heights on the charge motion, velocity profile and power draw of a tumbling mill using DEM simulations
David Vogel Investigating proxies for liner wear in an IsaMill using Positron Emission Particle Tracking