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Lucia Dzinza Electrochemistry of flotation under varying electrolytic conditions
Marius Hromnik Granular Flow Modelling using GPU’s
Tawseef Latona Computational modelling on stirred mills
Warren Little Performance of the vertical roller mill in a mineral processing application when coupled with internal and external classifiers
Resoketswe Manenzhe The Use of Non-Extensive Surface Analysis Techniques for the Characterisation and Recovery of Residual Minerals and Metals in South African PGM Tailings
Andrea Molifie Investigating the use of sodium metasilicate to improve the flotation performance of altered PGE ores
Adolph Mwale
Developing a performance model for tumbling mills
Conrad Ndimande SMD Modelling
Lesteka HPGR, kimberlite, diamond breakage and scale-up
Lisa October Water quality impacts on bubble particle attachment
Temitope Oladele Impact damage and breakage of a partially confined bed of particles: elucidation via experiment and numerical simulation
Dandre Pienaar Synergistic behaviour of flotation reagents at interfaces
Sebia Pikinini  Exploring novel collectors for sperrylite flotation
Marcelene Voigt
Using X-ray computed tomography for the 3D textural analysis of drill core