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Dylan Blakemore
Primary supervisor: Indresan Govender
Thesis title: Measuring and Modelling Airflow in the Human Upper Airway
Dawid de Klerk
Primary supervisor: Indresan Govender
Thesis title: Multi-directional imhomogeous granular suspensions
Mohamed Elbasher
Primary supervisor: Indresan Govender
Thesis title: Axial segregation in rotating drums
 Marius Hromnik
Primary supervisor: Indresan Govender
Secondary supervisors: Aubrey Mainza
Thesis title: Granular Flow Modelling using GPU’s

Warren Little

Primary supervisor: Aubrey Mainza
Secondary supervisor: Megan Becker
Thesis Title: Performance of the vertical roller mill in a mineral processing application when coupled with internal and external classifiers

Malibongwe Manono

Primary supervisor: Kirsten Corin
Secondary supervisor: Jenny Wiese
Thesis Title: A fundamental study into the role of electrolytes on reagent interaction mechanism in the flotation of a PGM ore in response to water quality.
Adolph Mwale
Primary supervisor: Aubrey Mainza
Thesis title: Developing a performance model for tumbling mills
Conrad Ndimande
Primary supervisor: Aubrey Mainza
Secondary supervisors: Indresan Govender, Andrew McBride
Thesis title: A contribution to the mathematical modelling of stirred media mills
Temitope Oladele
Primary supervisor: Lawrence Bbosa
Secondary supervisors:Aubrey Mainza
Thesis title: Impact damage and breakage of a partially confined bed of particles: elucidation via experiment and numerical simulation
Mehdi Safari
Primary supervisor: David Deglon
Secondary supervisor: Martin Harris
Thesis title: The effect of energy input on flotation kinetics in an oscillating grid cell
Jestos Taguta
Primary supervisor: Belinda McFadzean
Secondary supervisor: Cyril O'Connor
Thesis title: Using enthalpy of immersion to characterise mineral surface hydrophobicity
Marcelene Voigt
Primary supervisor: Megan Becker
Secondary supervisor: Aubrey Mainza, Dee Bradshaw (Minerals to Metals), Jodie Miller (Stellenbosch University)
Thesis title: Using X-ray computed tomography for the 3D textural analysis of drill core