Journal Publications

2017 J. Taguta, C.T. O’Connor, B. McFadzean The effect of alkyl chain length and ligand type of thiol collectors on the heat of adsorption and floatability of sulphide minerals. Minerals Engineering 110 (2017) 145 – 152
2017 L. Little, A. Mainza, M. Becker, J. Wiese Fine grinding: How mill type affects particle shape characteristics and mineral liberation. Minerals Engineering 111 (2017)  148 – 157
2017 N.P. Mhonde, J.G. Wiese, B. McFadzean Comparison of collector performance for a South African and a Brazilian iron ore considering mineralogical characteristics. Minerals Engineering 113 (2017) 55 – 67
2017 M.C. Harris and C.T. O'Connor Characterization of frothers and their behaviour using partial molar Excess Gibbs energy, International Journal of Minerals Processing 158 (2017) pg 63-67 
2017 M. Tadie, K.C. Corin, J.G. Wiese, C.T. O’Connor Electrochemical interactions of platinum group minerals with copper sulphate, Minerals Engineering 112 (2017) 43-49
2017 K.C. Corin, M. Kalichini, C.T. O'Connor, S. Simukanga The recovery of oxide copper minerals from a complex copper ore by
sulphidisation, Minerals Engineering, 102 (2017) pg 15-17
2017 W. Chimonyo, J. Wiese , K. Corin, C. O'Connor Redox potential control during flotation of a sulphide mineral ore. Minerals Engineering, 110 (2017) 57-64
2017 W. Chimonyo, J. Wiese , K. Corin, C. O'Connor The use of oxidising agents for control of electrochemical potential in flotation. Minerals Engineering, 109 (2017) pg 135-143

Conference Proceedings

2017 M.S. Manono, K. Matibidi, C.K. Thubakgale, K.C. Corin, J.G. Wiese Water Quality in PGM Ore Flotation: Depressing and Frothing Effects Of The Ionic Strength Of Plant Water And pH. In Proceedings of 13th International Mine Water Association Congress, Paper 1125, Finland, Lappeenranta, 25-30 June