Academic Staff

Dr Max Richter

PhD Theoretical Physics UCT (2010), MSc Theoretical UCT (2007), BSc Hons UCT (2005), BSc UCT(2004)


Dr Richter began his interest in fundamental flows by delving in to the intricacies of cosmological problems dealing with the flow of dark matter particles in the process of supermassive black hole accretion and from there moved on to more empirical and tangible studies in to real world granular flows. This enabled him to interact with the highly sensitive PET apparatus in use at the UCT PEPT facility in studying fundamental granular flow systems and to expand on the theoretical foundations of such a ubiquitous dynamic medium. This led him to the CMR where he now heads the projects that interact with the PEPT investigation technique as well as complementary computational DEM simulations to aid the theoretical advances on the matter of granular flow. Particular interest lies within the determination of high energy dissipation zones due to shear and compressive forces within granular beds and their relative locations relative to the free surface within the various types of apparatuses relevant to minerals processing, such as tumbling mills, shear cells as well as separators such as hydrocylones.


2016 – present  Senior Scientific Officer, CMR, Department of Chemical Engineering, UCT
2011-2015 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physics, UCT


Research Interests

PEPT, Comminution

Selected Publications

Govender, I., Richter, M. C., Mainza, A. N. and De Klerk, D. N. (2017), A positron emission particle tracking investigation of the scaling law governing free surface flows in tumbling mills. AIChE J., 63:

Tupper, G. B., Govender, I., De Klerk, D. N., Richter, M. C. and Mainza, A. N. (2016), Testing of a new dynamic Ergun equation for transport with positron emission particle tracking. AIChE J., 62: 939–946. doi:10.1002/aic.15081

Govender, I, Thirunavukkarasu, P., Richter, M. C. , De Klerk, D. N., (2014), Power dissipation modeling in tumbling mills using positron emission particle tracking. Proceedings of IMPC 2014