Academic Staff

Dr Indresan Govender

PhD (UCT); BSc Hons Physics (UCT); HDE (UNISA); BSc (UDW)

Dr Govender graduated with a BSc in Maths & Physics at the University of Durban-Westville. At UCT he completed physics honours degree and then his PhD. He has been involved in comminution research for over 10 years. He currently heads up the Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) computational research within the Centre for Minerals Research. The computational modelling is strongly coupled to in-situ measurement techniques like Positron emission particle tracking (PEPT) and X-ray tomography. He is currently overseeing the operations of the PEPT Cape Town facility at iThemba labs.


2007 – present Senior Lecturer in Physics, UCT
2005 – 2007 Research Officer, Centre for Minerals Research and the Centre for Research in Computational and Applied Mechanics (CERECAM), UCT
2003 – 2004 Lecturer, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Research Interests
Particulate flow characterisation in industrial and biological systems using computational and nuclear techniques; computational modelling; X-ray imaging; Positron Emission Particle Tracking (PEPT); and Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) which is a numerical scheme for modelling particulate systems. Currently, the DEM framework is employed to interrogate contact models commonly used for tumbling mill simulations. The validation of these contact models are done via the PEPT and X-ray visualization techniques.

Current Projects
K. Sichalwe (MSc): Characterisation of porosity in tumbling mills
N. Mangensana (MSc): In-situ characterisation of viscosity profiles in tumbling mills
L. Bbosa (PhD): Validating numerical simulations of tumbling mills with PEPT
D. Kallon (MSc): Circulation rate modelling in tumbling mills using PEPT
T. Volkwyn (PhD): Nuclear techniques for characterising particulate systems
A. Morrison (MSc): Phase lag in x-ray filming mechanism of the biplanar angiographic equipment
E. Zhou (PhD): Coupled DEM-CFD simulations of tumbling mills
A. Giovannoni (Hons): A statistical mechanics approach to characterising ensemble properties from PEPT time averaged trajectory fields
M. Hromnik (Msc): Radiation transport in discrete particulate systems
M. Bickell (Hons): Multiple particle tracking of non-linear, bounded deformations using PEPT
J-G Hartmann (Hons): A Lagrangian approach to time averaged trajectory fields derived from positron emission particle tracking

Selected Publications
N. Magesana, R.S. Chukuka, A.N. Mainza, I. Govender, A.P. van der Westhuizen, and M. Narashima. The effect of particle sizes and solids concentration on the rheology of silica sand based suspensions. J. SAIMM, vol. 108, 237-244, 2008.
M.S. Powell, I. Govender, A.T McBride. Applying DEM outputs to the Unified Comminution Model. Minerals Engineering, Vol 21, 2008, pp. 744-750.
I. Govender and M.S. Powell. An empirical power model derived from 3D particle tracking experiments. Minerals Engineering, Vol. 19, Issue 10, August 2006, pp. 1005-1012.
I. Govender, A.T. McBride and M.S. Powell. Improved experimental tracking techniques for validating discrete element method simulations of tumbling mills. Journal of experimental Mechanics, Vol. 44, No. 6, June 2004, pp. 593-607 (2006 Peterson Award).
A.T. McBride, I. Govender, M.S. Powell and T.J. Cloete. Contributions to the experimental validation of the discrete element method applied to tumbling mills. Engineering Computations: International Journal for Computer-Aided Engineering. Vol. 21, No. 2/3/4, 2004, pp. 119-136.
I. Govender, M.S. Powell and G.N. Nurick. Automated imaging to track the 3D motion of particles. Journal of experimental Mechanics, Vol. 42, No. 2, June 2002, pp. 153-160.
I. Govender, M.S. Powell, V. Balden, and G.N. Nurick, Validated DEM – bringing major improvements to SAG mill modelling. Proceedings International autogenous and semi-autogenous grinding technology 2001, Sep. 30 - Oct. 3, 2001, Ed. Barratt et al, Published CIM, vol. IV, pp. 101-114.
I. Govender, M.S. Powell, and G.N. Nurick. 3D particle tracking: A rigorous technique for verifying DEM. Minerals Engineering. Vol.14,  No.10, Oct. 2001, pp. 1329-1340.