Academic Staff

Associate Professor Belinda McFadzean


BSc UPE (2000), BSc Hons Chemistry cum laude UPE (2001), MSc Chemistry cum laude UPE (2003), PhD NMMU (2007)

Belinda McFadzean is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Minerals Research, University of Cape Town. Her research focusses on the flotation process and spans the spectrum from fundamental molecular surface interactions to plant-scale optimisation techniques. Her particular interest is the interactions of surface-active reagents at air-water and solid-water interfaces and quantifying these effects on the froth behaviour in order to ultimately predict flotation performance. She manages large research projects, supervises a group of postgraduate students and has a growing publication record in the international mineral processing literature. She teaches postgraduate level courses to industry graduates and is a consultant to the mineral processing industry, including Anglo Platinum, Lonmin, Impala, Nkomati, Senmin and Vale.


2020 – Present  Associate Professor, CMR, Department of Chemical Engineering
2016 – 2019 Senior Research Officer, CMR, Department of Chemical Engineering
2011 – 2015 Research officer, Centre for Minerals Research, UCT
2010 – 2011 Chief Scientific Officer, Centre for Minerals Research, UCT
2008 – 2010 Senior Scientific Officer, Centre for Minerals Research, UCT
2007 – 2008 Senior Laboratory Specialist, Umicore Autocat SA


Research Interests

Molecular interactions at interfaces, froth characterisation and behaviour, thermochemistry of flotation reagents, plant-scale optimisation techniques

Selected Publications

​​​​​​​Taguta, J., O’Connor, C.T. and McFadzean, B. 2017. The effect of alkyl chain length and ligand type of thiol collectors on the heat of adsorption and floatability of sulphide minerals. Minerals Engineering, 110, 145-152.

Nyabeze, W. and McFadzean, B. 2016. Adsorption of copper sulphate on PGM-bearing ores and its influence on froth stability and flotation kinetics. Minerals Engineering, 92, 28-36.

McFadzean, B., Marozva, T. and Wiese, J. 2016. Flotation frother mixtures: Decoupling the sub-processes of froth stability, froth recovery and entrainment. Minerals Engineering, 85, 72-79.

McFadzean, B., Moller, K.P. and O’Connor, C.T. 2015. A thermochemical study of thiol collector surface reactions on galena and chalcopyrite. Minerals Engineering, 83-88.

McFadzean, B. and Groenmeyer, G. 2015. Selective molecular weight adsorption from polydisperse polysaccharide depressants. Minerals Engineering, 10.1016/j.mineng.2015.03.009

McFadzean, B. O’Connor, C.T. 2014. A thermochemical study of thiol collector surface reactions on galena. Minerals Engineering, 65, 54-60.