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2020 Tetlow, S. Considering the effect of frother under degrading water quality
2019 De Klerk, D. Investigating multi-directional inhomogeneous granular suspensions
2019 Manono, M. Investigating electrolyte-reagent-mineral interactions in response to water quality challenges in the flotation of a PGM ore
2019 Taguta, J. The relationship between enthalpy of immersion, and its derived wettability parameters, to flotation response
2018 Uys, A. The study of the influence of the lifter height on the charge motion, velocity profile and power draw of a laboratory tumbling mill using DEM simulations
2017 Achaye, I. Effect of particle properties on froth stability
2017 Elbasher, M Axial Segregation of granular flow in rotating drums
2016 Bepswa, P Development of a heuristic methodology for designing measurement networks for precise metal accounting
2016 Little, L. The development and demonstration of a practical methodology for fine particle shape characterization in mineral processing
2016 Bremner, S. A granular flow model of an annular shear cell
2015 Ngoepe, N Tracking the motion of particle-bubble aggregates using Position Emission Particle Tracking
2015 Thirunavukkarasu, P Granular flow modelling of rotating drum flows using positron emission particle tracking
2015 Tadie, M An electrochemical investigation of platinum group minerals
2014 Steyn, J Developing a framework for the design of the milling and rougher circuits for a platinum-bearing UG2 ore
2013 Appa, H. Numerical modelling of hydrodynamics gas dispersion and mass transfer in an autoclave
2013 Bbosa, L. Probability-based models for the power draw and energy spectra of a tumbling mill
2013 Ndlovu, B. The effect of phylloscilicate mineralogy and surface charge on the rheology of mineral slurries
2013 Von Daramy, K. Circulation rate modelling of tumbling mill charge using positron emission particle tracking (PEPT)
2011 Morar, S. The use of machine vision for interpreting flotation performance
2008 Anderson, C. Evaluation of the Role of Energy Input on Particle-bubble Contacting in a novel, pulsed flotation column
2007 Burdukova, E. The use of froth rheology measurements to study froth stability
2007 Newell, A. The role of sulphidisation in the flotation recovery of oxidised minerals associated
2007 Shackleton, N. A study of the relative floatability of the platinum and palladium arsenides, tellurides
2007 Forbes, G. Using texture measures for the improvement of flotation performance
2006 Mainza, A. Three-product Cyclone
2006 Hatfield, D. The use of a machine vision system in PGM flotation


2019 Dzingai, M. The effect of ion accumulation owing to water recycling on flotation performance
2019 Nyakunuhwa, S.  Effect of VRM on a polymetallic sulfide ore and the flotation response as compared to conventional wet and dry rod milling
2019 Tseka, R.  An investigation into the effects of pulp chemistry under wet and dry grinding on the flotation response of pyrite
2018 Manenzhe, R Investigating the Effect of Water Quality on the Adsorption of a Xanthate Collector in the Flotation of a Sulphide Ore
2018 Dzinza, L An Investigation into the effect of Potential Modifiers on the flotation of a Copper sulphide ore
2018 Dzingai, T A process mineralogical study on the effect of the phyllosilicate minerals in flotation of Great Dyke PGE ores
2018 Geldenhuys, S
The scale-up behaviour of the froth stability measurement
2018 Jordaan, T Investigating the role of dithiophosphate in the flotation of base metal sulfides and PGM's
2017 Muketekelwa, S Investigating the potential of using hydrocyclone-fine screen hybrid systems to improve the performance of classification circuits
2017 Chikochi, C Ore breakage characterisation of UG2 deposits using the JK RBT
2017 Dube, T Measuring the fracture energy of bed breakage using a short impact load cell
2017 Blakemore, D. Multiple particle tracking in PEPT using voronoi tesselations
2016 Mhonde, N. Investigating collector and depressant performance in the flotation of selected iron ores
2016 Sheni, N. Considering the effect of pulp chemistry during flotation on froth stability
2016 Jardine, M. Three dimensional quantitative textural analysis of nickel-sulfide ore using x-ray computed tomography and grey level co-occurrence matrices in drill core
2016 Chidzanira, T. Investigation of the effect of particle size on froth stability
2016 Chimonyo, W Relating electrochemistry to flotation of sulphide minerals
2016 Duncan, M. Development of a Protocol to Determine the Sorting Potential of Particulate Ore Material
2016 Edwards, G. Investigation of operating parameters in a vertical stirred mill
2016 Jacobs, T. Process mineralogical characterization of the Kansanshi copper ore, NW Zambia
2016 Mabote, S. An investigation of the effect of operating and design parameters on screening efficiency in fine wet screening
2015 Nyabeze, W The effect of copper sulphate on froth stability
2015 Galant, M The characterisation of the lead flotation circuit at Black Mountain Mining (Pty) Ltd. using the floatability component model approach
2015 Taguta, J. The thermochemical behaviour of thiol collectors and collector mixtures with sulphide minerals
2015 Moimane, T. Investigation of the effect of reagent suite in froth flotation
2015 Mwale, A Developing a model for wet screens
2015 Ngoroma, F. Investigation of the effect of different frother blends on the flotation of selected PGM bearing ores
2015 Kalichini, M. A study of the flotation characteristics of a complex copper ore
2015 Morozva, T. Investigating the effect of frother type on froth stability, froth recovery and entrainment
2015 Pillay, K. Mineralogical effects on the Dense Medium separation of low grade Nickel Sulfide
2014 Muzanenhamo, P. Assessing the effect of cone ratio feed solids concentration and viscosity on hydrocylon performance
2014 Takalimane, M. Evaluating the influence of lifter face angle on the trajectory of particles in a tumbling mill
2014 Donkor, S. On-line sensors for measuring the total ball and charge level in tumbling mills
2014 Nyambayo, C.  The use of mixed thiol collectors in the flotation of Nkomati sulphide ore
2014 Pani, S. Study of effect of process parameters and their interaction in the flotation of UG2 ore
2014 Shumba, T. Relationship between flotation operational factors and froth behaviour
2013 Brodner, H Assessing the influence of lifter profiles on the velocity profile and charge toe and shoulder using data from the PEPT system
2013 Changunda, K. The effect of energy input on flotation kinetics in an oscillating grid flotation cell
2013 Keshav, P. Optimisation of an industrial scale ball mill using an online pulp and ball load sensor
2013 Lisso, M. Evaluating the effect of operating variables on energy consumption in stirred mills
2013 Shabalala, N. Theological effects on gas dispersion in a pilot scale mechanical flotation cell
2012 Waters, J The influence of slurry viscosity on hydrocyclone performance.
2012 Durant, B Developing a methodology that incorporates ceramic media properties to model power draw in an M4 IsaMill
2012 Manono, M. An investigation into the effect of ionic strength of plant water on valuable and gangue mineral recovery in a PGM bearing ore
2012 Castelyn, D. The effect of mixing thiol colleactors in the flotation of sulphide ores
2012 Khonthu, T. Investigation of the flotation behaviour of Ball Mill and IsaMill Products
2012 Morrison, A. Positron emission particle tracking (PEPT) to investigate the motion of granular media in a laboratory-scale
2012 Malahe, M A One-way Coupled DEM-CFD Scheme to Model Free-surface Flows in Tumbling Mills
2011 Bezuidenhout,J. An investigation into the role of DTP as a co-collector in the flotation of a South African PGM ore
2011 Chaponda, B. Using IsaMill technology in main stream grinding applications in Platinum Ores
2011 Massey, W. Investigating the effect of energy input on flotation kinetics in an oscillating grid flotation cell
2011 Mhlanga, S. Depressant electivity on gangue minerals
2011 Mishra, J. Study the effect of change of various parameters of grinding on flotation
2011 Phiri, M. Assessing the potential benefits of newer energy efficient grinding technologies for Platinum ores applications
2011 Sichalwe, K. Characterisation of porosity in tumbling mills
2011 Tesh, D. Relationship between froth stability and the characteristics of multiphase particles
2010 Mbonambi, M. On the selective flotation of pentlandite from pyrrhotite in platinum bearing ores
2010 Solomon, N. Effect of HPGR on mineral liberation, energy consumption and size reduction of various Platinum bearing ores
2010 Hassan, M. Using PEPT system to evaluate particle trajectory for a tumbling mill with different lifter profiles
2010 Palm, N. Breakage mechanism effect on PGM flotation
2010 Barty, A. CFD Cyclone modelling
2009 Wiese, J. Investigating depressant behaviour in the flotation of selected Merensky ores
2008 Kulya, C. DEM Modelling of a Rotary Grinding Mill
2008 Brough, C. An Investigation into the Process Mineralogy of the Merensky Reef at North Plat
2008 De Beer, R.  Recovery of PGM from leach residue
2007 Shamaila, S Flotation recovery rates as a function of the speciation of Pt and Pd
2007 Reid, S. Effect of Air/Frother interfaces on bubble formation and the development of bubble tracking systems
2007 Bbosa, L. Rock breakage with the SHPB
2007 Van Eck, M. Liberation through different modes of breakage
2006 Bakker, C. Flow behaviour in oscillatory baffled columns
2006 Mwansa, S. Measurement of segregation and slurry transport along SAG mills