Student Research Days 2010

26 Oct 2010 - 09:45

This year CMR hosted two student research days. Last year there were so many students giving presentations, that the program had to be shortened, giving each speaker only about 10 minutes to present. Thus this year, the first day will be for students nearing their graduation in June who can give long detailed explanations about their work, and the second will be for those students who do not have a lot of data as yet, but can summarize the scope of their projects. The Centre held its first research day of 2010 at the Belmont Square Conference Centre on 18 March. The event showcased eight of the 18 CMR postgraduate students’ research. The second bi-annual CMR student research day for 2010 was held on the 19th of October at the Atlantic Imbizo conference centre (V&A Waterfront, Cape Town). This day afforded students from the centre an opportunity to present their projects.