CMR Research Day 2010

10 Feb 2010 - 13:15

CMR held its seventh annual student research day at the Belmont Square Conference Centre on 3 September.

The first research day was held in 1982 with some four students attending. These days would grow into the internationally recognised annual mineral processing conference – the 27th of which was held in early August at the Vineyard Hotel in Claremont.

This year’s event – seven years after the student research days were revived – showcased 14 postgraduate students’ research, with keynote presentations by industry representatives. “Don’t be scared to ask why and go against the grain,” said Deryck de Vaux, manager of metallurgical research at Anglo Research, who was giving feedback on the students’ presentations and posters.

For the third year running, PhD student Lawrence Bbosa walked away with the prize for the best presentation. This year’s best poster award went to MSc student Brian Chaponda.

Professor J-P Franzidis, CMR’s deputy director of research management, concluded the day’s proceedings by encouraging students to seize the opportunity to implement their work on site and in industry.