JKSimMet V6.1. release in August

22 Jul 2015 - 09:00

We know you have probably heard whispers about this in the hallway already. Sorry we've kept you waiting. It has been a few months of hard work by our JKTech programming geniuses, but we are now proud to announce the imminent August release of JKSimMet Version 6.1!

Compared to Version 6, the new JKSimMet V6.1 features many improvements in overall useability (based on client feedback), an updated reporting system and lots of minor bug fixes including crashes, data entry and incorrect labels.

Are you already using the JKSimMet software to simulate and optimise your crushing and grinding circuits? Make sure you come along to one of our JKSimMet training sessions. We'll give you some refresher knowledge on how to make the most of your software and fill you in on how the upgrade has made it even more efficient.

Do you have staff or colleagues who have access to the software but haven't been trained how to use it? Get them off on the right foot to maximise the advantages offered by JKSimMet and send them along to the training course closest to you.

Don't have JKSimMet but think your company could benefit it? Why not contact us to find out more information?

MPTech UCT course to follow February 2016 in Zambia.